domingo, 6 de maio de 2012

"Mommy I love you" song 1ºB and C

Here's the original song from which I decided to teach a little part to my two 1st year classes. I think it's lovely and I hope the mother's enjoyed listening to their kids singing it.

Aqui está a canção original da qual eu retirei uma pequena parte para ensinar às turmas do 1º ano. Eu considero a canção maravilhosa e espero que as mães tenham gostado de ouvir os filhos a cantá-la. :)

"Mommy, mommy I love you mommy
No chores for you today
Bear hugs and kisses to show how I feel
I love you mommy dear!"

Mother's day recipe book- 3º ano

I hope the mother's from the two 3rd year classes enjoyed their present, the recipe book. 3ºC didn't had time to copy the recipes in the two languages, but I promise that they will copy the recipes in portuguese too next week :)

Here is some photos of two of the recipe books:)