quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Addams family 3ºA and 3ºB

Last week , as 3rd graders are learning about family,they met the Addams family and they filled in their family tree
Afterwards I asked them some questions to elicit the family members
ex: How is Wednesday related to Pugsley? (sister)
How is Mosticia related to Wednesday?(mother)
How is the witch related to Pugsley? (grandmother)

The next step, as Halloween is just around the corner, was to taught them the Addams family song

Finally to continue the theme family and relating it to Halloween, the students had to complete a worksheet with the Phantom family tree.I read the clues and they had to find out the family members names
ps: only 3ºA started the last exercise.

Go away big green monster


Last lesson 1ºA learnt a song related to Halloween, this song not only taught them new vocabulary as monster, witch, cat, ghost, scary, spooky) but also taught the expression "go away".

I Hope you enjoy listening them singing :)