sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2013

Jobs - 2ºA


Last lesson we started the theme jobs with a story from kizclub "What I want to be" http://www.kizclub.com/storytime/wanabe/wanabeprint.pdf. It was interesting to see that they have a different perception of jobs than people used to have some years ago.For example, they asked about a job that wasn't in the story "football player" and the girls asked what is the english word for "cabeleireira "(hairdresser).

 After the story I asked them "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Some of the answers(with my help of course) were:
- hairdresser
- football player
- basketball player
- police officer
- masseuse
- taxi driver and stories museum director (this one was a girl :)

Then we made a graphic to understand the most popular jobs in the class - football players and hairdressers won ;)

Finally we played a miming game : I said some jobs and they had to mime the actions related to that jobs. So much fun , for them and for me ;)