terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Halloween- door knob hangers 3ºB

Yesterday 3ºB decorated the classroom with Halloween symbols :Jack o'lantern, black cat, ghost, witch... They also made  scary door knob hangers
Have a look:

quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Addams family 3ºA and 3ºB

Last week , as 3rd graders are learning about family,they met the Addams family and they filled in their family tree
Afterwards I asked them some questions to elicit the family members
ex: How is Wednesday related to Pugsley? (sister)
How is Mosticia related to Wednesday?(mother)
How is the witch related to Pugsley? (grandmother)

The next step, as Halloween is just around the corner, was to taught them the Addams family song

Finally to continue the theme family and relating it to Halloween, the students had to complete a worksheet with the Phantom family tree.I read the clues and they had to find out the family members names
ps: only 3ºA started the last exercise.

Go away big green monster


Last lesson 1ºA learnt a song related to Halloween, this song not only taught them new vocabulary as monster, witch, cat, ghost, scary, spooky) but also taught the expression "go away".

I Hope you enjoy listening them singing :)

sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2012


The past two lessons 4th graders had a debate about healthy and not so healthy habits. It all started with a worksheet in which they had to fill in with their own habits.
(Cross Curricular resources for young learners -Oxford)

Besides the possibility to fill in with A-always, S-Sometimes and N-never, I let them also use O-Often and R-rarely 

After filling in the worksheet we talked about their choices.

Imaginary five o'clock tea - 1st grade

Last Tuesday, as it was the day of food in the 1st graders lesson we had a 5 o'clock tea, an imaginary 5 o'clock tea using pictures of a tea cup, sugar, milk , scones and jam to help the kids to imagine a Tea party.
They learnt the basic vocabulary (cup of tea, sugar, milk , scones and jam) and the expressions "Pass me the..., please" "Thank you"
In groups they had to pretend they were having a tea party and they had to ask for the food and drink they wanted, for example "Pass me the tea , please" Thank you.

Na passada terça -feira, como era o dia da alimentação, na aula com o 1º ano tivemos um chá das cinco, um chá das cinco imaginário usando apenas imagens de chávenas de chá, açúcar, scones, geleia/doce para ajudar as crianças a imaginar a tea party.
Eles aprenderam o vocabulário básico e expressões "Pass me the..., please" "Thank you"
Em grupos fingiram que estavam numa festa de chá e tinham de pedir a comida e bebida que queriam, por exemplo  "Pass me the tea , please" Thank you.

quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012

Tic Tac Toe with school materials - 1ºA and 1ºB


As 1st graders are learning about school spaces and school materials last lesson besides singing the song "Who's got the rubber?" we've also played two games:

1) two volunteers had to cover their eyes as the teacher was giving school materials cards to some of the other students.The students with the cards couldn't show their card. Then the volunteers uncovered  their eyes and asked their colleagues  for example "Have you got the rubber?" in order to find out where were the cards.

2) Tic tac toe with school materials:
In a first phase (girls VS boys) each group had to say a school material to have one point

In a second phase they had to say "I have ..." and complete the sentence with one school material, for example "I have a pencil".

domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

Skeleton dance - 4ºA


As 4rd graders are learning about the body and bones not only in the english lesson but also in Estudo do Meio, they learnt a new song "Skeleton dance"
Here they are singing it

We're a happy family song - 2ºA

2nd graders are learning about the family, so last lesson that learnt a new song called "we're a happy family" ( Happy hearts book) that is also about the house rooms so I could articulate both themes.

We're a happy family
We are happy hearts you see
We're a happy family
Welcome to our house

Mummy's in the living room
Daddy's in the bedroom
Molly's in the kitchen
Billy's in the bathroom

Here they are singing it
Afterwards we had a drawing dictation:
Daddy is in the bathroom, brother is in the bedroom, mummy is in the kitchen, sister is in the living room.
Finally they 've drawn their family.

quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2012

Role play "Phone call . Going out to dinner"

As 3rd graders are learning about directions, places in town and itineraries, today 3ºB role played a phone call between two people that wanted to go out to have dinner.
Here's the result (not bad right?)

Como os 3ª anos estão a aprender as direcções, espaços na cidade e itinerários , hoje o 3ºB fez uma pequena representação de uma chamada telefónica em que duas pessoas queriam ir jantar fora.
Aqui está o resultado( não está nada mal pois não?)


  - Hello.
 - Hello, John. It’s Amanda.
 - Hello, Amanda. How are you?
 - Do you want to have dinner with me?
 - Yes, Where?
 - Do you know Mario’s restaurant?
 - No, where is it?
 - Go straight ahead, pass school , church, post office, turn left it’s on Oak avenue, the end point – restaurant.
 - What time do you want meet?
 - 6 o’clock?
 - OK. See you later.

recycled portfolios

This year with the economic crisis I decided to suggest a different and recycled portfolio , the only materials needed were: a cereal box, a scissor and a clip.
Here it is the result

terça-feira, 9 de outubro de 2012

Hello ! What's your name? - 1ºB version

Remember the song that 1st graders learnt in the first lesson? Here they are singing it.
ps: Normally I don't show them any written language , I only wrote the title of the song for the film purpose.

Lembram-se da canção que os 1º anos aprenderam na 1ª aula? Aqui estão eles a cantá-la.

ps; normalmente não mostro linguagem escrita aos 1º e 2º anos, apenas escrevi o titulo da canção para filmar apenas .

(adaptação da canção "Hello!what's your name" CD Zap!A Vanessa Reilly)

terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

Felix the robot and his friends - 4ºA

Here we have the Felix's friends. Aren't they amazing? There is going to be a competition for the best(most creative)  robot.You'll see the result next week.:)