quarta-feira, 13 de março de 2013

House -Complete the story and Hot and cold game - 1st grade

Last lesson  as 1st graders are learning about the house parts/rooms I gave some students house rooms flash cards and told them that I was going to tell them a story and when they heard the rooms they were holding they had to raise their cards. The story was made up and very simple:

"Once upon a time there were three littles pigs that lived in a (house).The (house) had one big (bedroom), one big (bathroom), one big  (kitchen) but one little (living room). One day one of the pigs was very hungry so he went to the (kitchen) and cooked a meal. He ate , ate, ate until he was satisfied and very sleepy, so he went to the (bedroom) and took a nap.

After this exercise I told the story again but this time I held and showed the cards and as I Told the story I stopped , showed a card and students had to say the house part .

After this we played the game "Hot and cold", I layed each house flash card down on different tables , then I asked for two volunteers to come forward and volunteer 1 went outside the classroom and waited for my signal. Meanwhile  volunteer 2 hid himself underneath one of the tables. I called volunteer 1  and he asked out loud " ______(name of volunteer2) where are you?" and started looking for volunteer 2. The rest of the class shouted cold if he was far from the coleague and hot if he was near. When he found the coleague he said " _____was in the _______".