quinta-feira, 4 de abril de 2013

Game "Angry puffles" -3rd grade

Long time no see right? ;) Well , here I am posting about my beloved students and how we have fun while learning English. Before the Easter holidays the 3rd graders tested a game I invented "Angry puffles" , an adaptation of angry birds. This game is more than throwing puffles (the cute soft furry creatures) , let me explain:

- Students are given a paper and they must draw a farm animal from the story "What the ladybird heard"
- Teacher writes numbers on milk cartons 
- Teacher puts some numbered cards on the table next to the milk cartons
- Students are divided in groups 

The game:
- A member from each group  at a time has the chance to throw 2 times a puffle to the pile of milk cartons
 - the milk cartoon that falls has a number and the group must pick the same numbers on the pile of cards.These cards have animals descriptions
 - Teacher reads the description on the card and the group must guess what animal is it
- Finally students use the cards with drawings of animals to stick on the milk cartons that fell of the pile

Guess as much animals as possible

Here's some pictures