domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

Skeleton dance - 4ºA


As 4rd graders are learning about the body and bones not only in the english lesson but also in Estudo do Meio, they learnt a new song "Skeleton dance"
Here they are singing it

We're a happy family song - 2ºA

2nd graders are learning about the family, so last lesson that learnt a new song called "we're a happy family" ( Happy hearts book) that is also about the house rooms so I could articulate both themes.

We're a happy family
We are happy hearts you see
We're a happy family
Welcome to our house

Mummy's in the living room
Daddy's in the bedroom
Molly's in the kitchen
Billy's in the bathroom

Here they are singing it
Afterwards we had a drawing dictation:
Daddy is in the bathroom, brother is in the bedroom, mummy is in the kitchen, sister is in the living room.
Finally they 've drawn their family.