segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

Where are you from? - 4ºC

Today I started to teach a new theme to the 4th grade : Countries and nationalities.
Sometimes the simpliest way is the best and so I decided to use just to materials in this lesson: paper and a world map

First I showed them a map similar to this one and elicit some of the countries names, than I asked them what did all the countries marked on the map had in common( in the map I showed them in each countries there was a flag). Some of them noticed that the flag from Australia had a part similar to the British Flag

And finally they noticed that all the countries marked on the map were english speaking countries.

Than teacher said I'm from Portugal, so I'm Portuguese and pointed to the man in England and asked: If he is from England he is...? (Answer: English) I elicited all the nationalities and they repeated them. The most difficult were Wales-Welsh, Ireland - Irish ;)

Than I gave the tiny bits of paper, in some of them it was a sentence with a country , for example "I'm from Ireland" and in the others there were sentences with nationalities, for example "I'm Irish". First students had to stand up and find their matching pair just by looking and reading the papers of their colleagues. The second time we played the same game but they traded their papers with other colleagues and some of them had to find their matching pairs by asking "Where are you from?" (this time they couldn't look at their colleagues paper). The third time they had to ask "What's your nationality?" to find their matching pair.
We had great fun and I'm sure they really learned in a ludic and more realistic way.(in the real world if they want to know the nationality of someone they have to know these questions they practised today)

To finish the lesson we talked a little bit about the history of the Union Jack , the British flag