sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

Body and physical description -3rd grade


Yesterday I was going to use the tool Manual Digital in my lesson with the 3ºB but due to some technical difficulties ( Manual Digital  wasn't installed in the computer as it should be) I had to improvise ;)

We started with some basic exercise of  vocabulary repetition but with some TPR (total physical response) :
I said , for example : " eyes" and students repeated .Then I said wink and I would wink so they could copy my action 

"head" "Nod your head" -
head-nodding etc...

Afterwards students completed some writing exercises on the book and read a text on physical description. After rehearsing the dialogue they role played it and I think it was also fun because it was a well known children's game "blind goat":

I blindfolded one child and I pointed to another child to come close.The first one started this dialogue:
 - What colour is your hair?
 - My hair is...
 - What colour are your eyes?
 - My eyes are...
 - You are...

After a while students started to change their voices to make it more difficult to guess who was answering the questions and all the while they were having so much fun BUT also learning basic structures on plysical description :)

Ps: Although improvised this was a great lesson