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7 Reasons educators/teachers should blog

Here's some of the reasons to have a blog if you are a teacher:


domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2012

Merry Christmas !!!

Dear students and students' families, have a wonderful Christmas!!

Queridos alunos e respectivas famílias votos de um Natal maravilhoso !!!

ps: falta um r em "Merry"

quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

Audio postcards - Voki- 3ºA

Last lesson I recorded my students Christmas messages to their loved ones and we used the Voki.com to make audio postcards.
Here are some of  the results:
Na aula passada gravei as mensagens de Natal dos meus alunos do 3ºA para os seus entes queridos e para isso usamos o VOKI.COM e fizemos postais audio visuais . Ficam aqui alguns  resultados, uma vez que não consigo publicá-los a todos Cliquem nos videos e encontrem a  mensagem do vosso familiar:)

Merry Christmas! Feliz Natal!

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My Christmas tree - 4th A

Here's the song 4th A is learning in the english lessons

Aqui está a canção que o 4ºA está a aprender nas aulas de inglês.

Christmastime means laughter
To buckets in the snow ,
Caroling together
With faces of Love

Stockings on the mantel,
A wreath on the door
And my Merriest Christmas
Means just one thing more

Christmas Tree,
My Christmas Tree,
Lit up like a star;
When I see my Christmas tree,
Can loved ones be far?

Christmas Tree, I'm certain
Wherever I roam ,
The glow from your branches
Will light my way home.

Ornaments collected
From every Christmas night,
Memories reflected
Through tin-sel and light;

Gratefully we gather
As ever before
To rejoice in the season
And sing out once more.

Christmas Tree,
My Christmas Tree,
Lit up like a star;
When I see my Christmas tree,
Can loved ones be far?

Christmas Tree, I'm certain
Wherever I roam,
The glow from your branches
Will light my way home.

It's Christmas!
It's Christmas
And I'm going home!

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Christmas trees

Here are some examples of Christmas trees my students made

 - 3rd grade

 - 1st and 2nd grade

 - 4th grade

 - 4th grade

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Blog new look

Do you like the new look of the blog? This is an artist work from the illustrator and designer Charlotte Vallance. I'm a fan of her work since I saw this picture in her blog.

She was very kind and let me use this picture in the blog. Thank you Charlotte Vallance :)

Gostam do novo aspecto do blog ? É um trabalho artístico da ilustradora e designer Charlotte Vallance. Sou uma fã do seu trabalho desde que vi esta foto no seu blog.
Ela foi muito generosa e deixou-me usar a imagem no blog. Obrigada Charlotte Vallance :)

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Countries and nationalities - football players poster - 4ºA

Last week I asked the 4th graders to make a poster with a world map and  some football players on the countries where they play. They would also have to make speech bubbles next to the football players and complete the sentences " I'm ___________(nationality), I play football in _________(country).I told them to do this with some help from their family.

Here are some results

Last Tuesday students presented their map and introduced the football players they chose. 

Semana passada pedi aos alunos do 4º ano que fizessem um poster com um mapa e com jogadores de futebol nos países em que estes jogam. Eles tinham de colocar balões de fala junto aos jogadores e completar as frases :" I'm ___________(nationality), I play football in _________(country). Disse aos alunos para fazerem o trabalho com ajuda dos familiares.

Ficam aqui alguns resultados.

Na passada terça-feira os alunos apresentaram o mapa e os jogadores que escolheram.

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Froggy gets dressed and students dress up their dolls-3ºB

Last week, 3rd graders listened to the story "Froggy gets dressed" and afterwards they played a game in which I told them Put on...(an clothes item) or take off...(clothes item) and they had to stick the precise clothes item I mentioned on froggy.

The following lesson they made a doll and dressed it up, afterwards they had to tell what their doll was wearing.

Semana passada , os alunos do 3º ano ouviram o conto "Froggy gets dressed"e depois participaram num jogo em que eu lhes dizia "Put on...(uma peça de vestuário)  ou Take off... (uma peça de vestuário) . Eles tinham de colar ou descolar peças de roupa no personagem do conto, o Froggy .

Na segunda aula da semana passada fizeram um boneco com roupas e depois tiveram de descrever o vestuário escolhido.

quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2012

2ºA Body and Christmas

Today in 2ºA lesson we revised the five senses with a simple matching exercise but with Christmas pictures. The pictures were the following:

Afterwards we talked about basic daily hygyien tasks as having bath, brushing the teeth, washing hands and face... We talked about this because it's related to the theme body and the topic they are learning in Estudo do Meio. I made a version of the song "This is the way..."

 but I added the character Santa Claus, as we're near Christmas
 The lyrics are very simple 
This is the way Santa Claus brushes the teeth
brushes the teeth
brushes the teeth

 This is the way Santa Claus brushes the teeth, in the morning

 This is the way Santa Claus washes the face
washes the face
washes the face

 This is the way Santa Claus washes the face, in the morning 

This is the way Santa Claus washes the hands
 washes the hands
 washes the hands
 This is the way Santa Claus washes the hands,  in the morning

 This is the way Santa Claus has a bath
 has a bath
 has a bath
 This is the way Santa Claus has a bath, in the morning.

We've also started to make our Christmas tree but I don't have the picture yet, I'll post it here tomorrow .

domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

family competition - 4A ( I scream you scream...)

A week ago I told my 4th graders to start a competition with their older brothers or sister, not any competition but a healthy  tongue twister competition.The tongue twister not only train pronunciation but develop reading and speaking skills as the practice of it stimulates the brain. As someone recites that twister over and over, your brain listens and processes the  sounds and tries to recreate it again and again until this twister is established it becomes a habit.

The first tongue twister was "I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream" :)
The second tongue twister is "Elizabeth's birthday is on the third thursday of this month"

Here are some results

Há uma semana disse aos meus alunos do 4º ano para começarem uma competição com os seus irmãos ou irmãs mais velhos, não uma competição qualquer mas uma saudável competição de trava línguas.Os trava línguas não só treinam a pronúncia como também desenvolvem as capacidades orais e de leitura pois a sua prática estimula o cérebro. Quando alguém recita o tal trava línguas vezes sem conta, o cérebro ouve  e processa os sons e tenta recreá-los vezes sem conta até o trava línguas se tornar um hábito.

O primeiro trava línguas foi "I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream" :)
O segundo foi :"Elizabeth's birthday is on the third thursday of this month"

Aqui estão alguns resultados.

See you soon ;)
The teacher

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Thanksgiving -3rd graders

Yesterday was Thanksgiving day and so last week  I started speaking about that to students.
They've watched some slides and a video about it.

Click on the link to see the slides:

the video:
The video also taught the students a song that helps them memorize the history of thanksgiving.
Ontem foi o Thanksgiving e na semana passada comecei a falar sobre esta festividade aos alunos.
Estes assistiram a alguns slides com a história por detrás da festividade do Thanksgiving e viram um video também.


terça-feira, 20 de novembro de 2012

Thanksgiving joke

What is the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie?





your teeth ;)


 What's the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?



 The turKEY

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Story time - " Go away big green monster" - 1ºA

Yesterday, 1ºA had a surprise, my little friend, the owl "uggla" visited them and told them a story " Go away big green monster"
This story is very good to teach the parts of the face ( hair, eyes, nose,ears, mouth, teeth) and some adjectives and colours related ( big, small, green, blue, yellow...) but it also taught them some expressions as "go away", "don't come back", "I'm not scared"...
Afterwards  they made a monster and pasted the parts of the face as I retold them the story.

Go away big green monster, 1ºA is not scared !!!


segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

Spelling and writing -3ºA and 3ºB

On Mondays the 3rd graders only have 45 minutes lesson so it's always difficult to think about what to do  as my fellow teachers will agree, 45 minutes pass by really fast.
So today the 3rd graders only had two activities but in my opinion it was a very productive lesson.
As I wanted to finish the family and physical appeareance topics we had a spelling competion:
two volunteers had to use the letters I gave them to form the word I told them , the rest of the class had to write the word on their notebooks.The first student to finish would have to spell out loud the word, the other volunteer would sit down and I called another student to challenge the previous winner. This activity was challenging and fun to all students and there were no students distracted as all wanted to be correct and have the chance to use the colourful letters.

(ps: o aluno na 1ª imagem com um livro diferente é um aluno que veio para a sala porque a docente faltou e como tal a atividade que estava a fazer era diferente)
The second activity was to put words in order so they could build a sentence. I wrote the words on the board and students copy them to their notebook and after that they built the sentences.
ex : tall/is/mother
The mother is tall.
My brothers are short.
Once again I used the competion as a motivation factor.The first ones to finish the sentences correctly came to the board and wrote the sentence and at the end of the lesson the winners had two stamps as a prize :) 

Na segunda-feira os alunos do 3º ano têm apenas 45 minutos de aula e é sempre difícil pensar sobre o que fazer porque como os meus colegas professores concordarão, 45 minutos passam realmente rápido. Assim hoje os alunos tiveram somente duas atividades mas na minha opinião foi uma aula muito produtiva. Como eu queria terminar o tema família e aspeto físico nós tivemos uma competição de soletrar: dois voluntários tiveram que usar as letras que eu as dei para dar forma a palavra eu lhes disse, o resto da turma teve que escrever a palavra nos seus cadernos. O primeiro aluno a terminar teria que soletrar alto a palavra, o outro voluntário sentar-se-ia e eu chamava outro aluno para desafiar o vencedor anterior. Esta atividade era desafiante e divertida e não houve alunos distraídos pois todos queriam estar corretos e ter a possibilidade de usar as letras coloridas.

A segunda atividade era ordenar palavras para construir frases. Eu escrevi as palavras no quadro e os alunos copiaram para o seu caderno e em seguida construíram as frases.

ex: tall/is/mother

Mother is tall.

Usei de novo a competição como um fator de motivação. Os primeiros a terminar as frases vieram ao quadro escrever a frase e no fim da aula os vencedores tiveram dois carimbos como prémio:)

quarta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2012

Halloween - 3º A

On the 31st October 3ºA had a different lesson because it was HALLOWEEN.
They played two games, "grab the ghost"  in which some of them had a ghost made of paper tissues and one member of the group was the monster and was tryng to catch the ghosts.To do that the monster had to say two numbers between one and six and roll the dice; if it landed in one of his numbers he could try to catch a ghost.If he succeeded the ghost would have to give him a card and describe the picture in the card.
The other game that the class played was "Witch stew" in which they had some cards with Halloween symbols or characters .The teacher placed the cards in a pile beside two  small bowls.Using the straw as a vacuum, each student in each group  tries to pick up a card and place it in the group bowl to create the Witch's Stew. who got all ten in the bowl the fastest? ;)Afterwards they had to say what was in their stew 

No dia 31 de Outubro O 3ºA teve uma aula diferente porque era HALLOWEEN.  Jogaram dois jogos, “Agarra o fantasma” no qual alguns alunos tinham fantasmas feitos do lenços de papel e um membro do grupo era o monstro e tentava apanhar os fantasmas. Para fazer isso o monstro tinha de dizer dois números entre um e seis e lançar o dado; se saísse um de seus números poderia tentar apanhar um fantasma. Se conseguisse apanhar o fantasma, este teria de dar-lhe um cartão e descrever a imagem no cartão.
O outro jogo que a turma jogou foi  “witch stew” no qual os alunos tinham alguns cartões com símbolos ou personagens de Halloween. O professor colocou os cartões num montinho ao lado de duas bacias pequenas. Usando palhinhas como aspirador, cada aluno de cada grupo tenta aspirar um cartão e colocá-lo na bacia do grupo para criar o guisado/ensopado. Quem colocou os dez cartões na bacia mais rápido? No final os alunos tinham de dizer o que estava no seu guisado/ensopado ;)



sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2012

bats and vampires in coffins - 4ºA

For Halloween the 4th grade decorated the classroom with bats and coffins with vampires.
The materials needed are very simple and not expensive,
for the bats :
black cardboard, crayons a piece of white paper(to make a speech bubble)

for the coffins and vampires:
a box of matches
EVA foam
white paper or cardboard ( to draw the vampire)

We've also had a skeleton hunt ( a mix of scavenger hunt and peddy paper) and besides me and the students, the  teachers Fátima, Rosalina and Marco and  our friend Gisela helped in this skeleton hunt.


quinta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2012

1st grade halloween -

Last Tuesday the 1st grade students sang the song "Go away big green monster" and played a game in which one of them had to hide behind a witch poster and repeat some Halloween rhymes as
The witch turned the bat into a green cat
The wizard turned a ghost into a piece of toast
The warlock turned the dog into a big fat frog
The rest of the class had to draw what they were hearing
Afterwards we made some cute halloween bookmarks:

terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Halloween- door knob hangers 3ºB

Yesterday 3ºB decorated the classroom with Halloween symbols :Jack o'lantern, black cat, ghost, witch... They also made  scary door knob hangers
Have a look:

quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Addams family 3ºA and 3ºB

Last week , as 3rd graders are learning about family,they met the Addams family and they filled in their family tree
Afterwards I asked them some questions to elicit the family members
ex: How is Wednesday related to Pugsley? (sister)
How is Mosticia related to Wednesday?(mother)
How is the witch related to Pugsley? (grandmother)

The next step, as Halloween is just around the corner, was to taught them the Addams family song

Finally to continue the theme family and relating it to Halloween, the students had to complete a worksheet with the Phantom family tree.I read the clues and they had to find out the family members names
ps: only 3ºA started the last exercise.

Go away big green monster


Last lesson 1ºA learnt a song related to Halloween, this song not only taught them new vocabulary as monster, witch, cat, ghost, scary, spooky) but also taught the expression "go away".

I Hope you enjoy listening them singing :)

sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2012


The past two lessons 4th graders had a debate about healthy and not so healthy habits. It all started with a worksheet in which they had to fill in with their own habits.
(Cross Curricular resources for young learners -Oxford)

Besides the possibility to fill in with A-always, S-Sometimes and N-never, I let them also use O-Often and R-rarely 

After filling in the worksheet we talked about their choices.

Imaginary five o'clock tea - 1st grade

Last Tuesday, as it was the day of food in the 1st graders lesson we had a 5 o'clock tea, an imaginary 5 o'clock tea using pictures of a tea cup, sugar, milk , scones and jam to help the kids to imagine a Tea party.
They learnt the basic vocabulary (cup of tea, sugar, milk , scones and jam) and the expressions "Pass me the..., please" "Thank you"
In groups they had to pretend they were having a tea party and they had to ask for the food and drink they wanted, for example "Pass me the tea , please" Thank you.

Na passada terça -feira, como era o dia da alimentação, na aula com o 1º ano tivemos um chá das cinco, um chá das cinco imaginário usando apenas imagens de chávenas de chá, açúcar, scones, geleia/doce para ajudar as crianças a imaginar a tea party.
Eles aprenderam o vocabulário básico e expressões "Pass me the..., please" "Thank you"
Em grupos fingiram que estavam numa festa de chá e tinham de pedir a comida e bebida que queriam, por exemplo  "Pass me the tea , please" Thank you.

quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012

Tic Tac Toe with school materials - 1ºA and 1ºB


As 1st graders are learning about school spaces and school materials last lesson besides singing the song "Who's got the rubber?" we've also played two games:

1) two volunteers had to cover their eyes as the teacher was giving school materials cards to some of the other students.The students with the cards couldn't show their card. Then the volunteers uncovered  their eyes and asked their colleagues  for example "Have you got the rubber?" in order to find out where were the cards.

2) Tic tac toe with school materials:
In a first phase (girls VS boys) each group had to say a school material to have one point

In a second phase they had to say "I have ..." and complete the sentence with one school material, for example "I have a pencil".

domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

Skeleton dance - 4ºA


As 4rd graders are learning about the body and bones not only in the english lesson but also in Estudo do Meio, they learnt a new song "Skeleton dance"
Here they are singing it

We're a happy family song - 2ºA

2nd graders are learning about the family, so last lesson that learnt a new song called "we're a happy family" ( Happy hearts book) that is also about the house rooms so I could articulate both themes.

We're a happy family
We are happy hearts you see
We're a happy family
Welcome to our house

Mummy's in the living room
Daddy's in the bedroom
Molly's in the kitchen
Billy's in the bathroom

Here they are singing it
Afterwards we had a drawing dictation:
Daddy is in the bathroom, brother is in the bedroom, mummy is in the kitchen, sister is in the living room.
Finally they 've drawn their family.

quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2012

Role play "Phone call . Going out to dinner"

As 3rd graders are learning about directions, places in town and itineraries, today 3ºB role played a phone call between two people that wanted to go out to have dinner.
Here's the result (not bad right?)

Como os 3ª anos estão a aprender as direcções, espaços na cidade e itinerários , hoje o 3ºB fez uma pequena representação de uma chamada telefónica em que duas pessoas queriam ir jantar fora.
Aqui está o resultado( não está nada mal pois não?)


  - Hello.
 - Hello, John. It’s Amanda.
 - Hello, Amanda. How are you?
 - Do you want to have dinner with me?
 - Yes, Where?
 - Do you know Mario’s restaurant?
 - No, where is it?
 - Go straight ahead, pass school , church, post office, turn left it’s on Oak avenue, the end point – restaurant.
 - What time do you want meet?
 - 6 o’clock?
 - OK. See you later.

recycled portfolios

This year with the economic crisis I decided to suggest a different and recycled portfolio , the only materials needed were: a cereal box, a scissor and a clip.
Here it is the result

terça-feira, 9 de outubro de 2012

Hello ! What's your name? - 1ºB version

Remember the song that 1st graders learnt in the first lesson? Here they are singing it.
ps: Normally I don't show them any written language , I only wrote the title of the song for the film purpose.

Lembram-se da canção que os 1º anos aprenderam na 1ª aula? Aqui estão eles a cantá-la.

ps; normalmente não mostro linguagem escrita aos 1º e 2º anos, apenas escrevi o titulo da canção para filmar apenas .

(adaptação da canção "Hello!what's your name" CD Zap!A Vanessa Reilly)

terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

Felix the robot and his friends - 4ºA

Here we have the Felix's friends. Aren't they amazing? There is going to be a competition for the best(most creative)  robot.You'll see the result next week.:)

sábado, 29 de setembro de 2012

Felix the robot needs a friend

Yesterday I introduced Felix the robot to 4º A, but they were told that this nice robot needs a friend , so they were challenged to create that friend by playing a drawing game: as they spin a pencil on a spinner the number they get is related to one part of the body they must draw..
(in Timesaver games, Mary Glasgow magazines)

Ontem apresentei o Felix o robot ao 4º ano , mas foi-lhes dito que este simpático robot precisa de um amigo e então foram desafiados a criar um amigo para ele, através de um jogo de desenho: devem fazer rodar um lápis numa roda com números, o número que lhes calhar está relacionado com uma parte do corpo que devem desenhar.

Os alunos ainda não terminaram, mas assim que a sua obra de arte esteja pronta serão apresentados os resultados.

terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2012

The British - 4ºA

Today, as it was a rainy day  the students learned a british idiom"It's raining cats and dogs" which means "it's raining a lot"

 Afterwards I showed them a power point about the British, some traditions and important monuments and places. Then we played a game : I wrote four answers on the board:
a) Big Ben
b)prince William
c) Buckingham palace and Windsor castle
d) Tea

I divided the class in groups and I gave some pieces of paper with one word or two in each piece of paper and asked students to put them in order so they could find a sentence/question.After I checked the accuracy students had to find the correct answers for their question on the board.
Here they are with the questions


Hoje, como está um dia chuvoso os alunos aprenderam uma expressão britânica "It's raining cats and dogs" que significa que está a chover muito.
Depois a teacher mostrou um power point sobre os Britânicos , algumas tradições, monumentos e lugares importantes. Em seguida jogamos um jogo:
Escrevi no quadro quatro respostas:
a) Big Ben
b)prince William
c) Buckingham palace and Windsor castle
d) Tea
Dividi a turma em grupos e dei-lhes pedaços de papel com uma ou duas palavras em cada pedaço de paper e pedi-lhes que ordenassem as palavras de forma a construirem uma pergunta.Depois de eu verificar se as frases/questões estavam bem construidas , os alunos tiveram de encontrar no quadro a resposta correcta para a sua pergunta.
See you soon
the teacher***