sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012

Fruit salad - 3ºB

Last Wednesday, 3ºB had special guests , some students parents and grandparents. Students have been learning about food, so to continue they've played some games:

1st one - "Label the food" in a poster with the following labels "quiet tasty", "not so bad" and "I don't like it", during the participation of each group, the rest of the class and family had to raise their paddles if they agree with the labels given to food.

2nd one -  "Guess the fruit" - I've brought a fruit salad (a real one) and in each group a person was blind folded and had to listen his/her group telling the colour of the fruit, then they had to smell and taste the fruit and finally guess it

3rd one - Groups were given a food pyramid and they had to match the names of food with the right level of the pyramid

I think it went very well:)

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